University Hassan II – Casablanca

University Hassan II - Casablanca has eight institutions: the Faculty of Sciences, Faculty of Arts and Humanities - Ain Chock, the Faculty of Law, Economics and Social Sciences, Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy, The Faculty of Dental Medicine, the High National School of Electricity and Mechanics, the High School of Technology and High National School. It hosts 29000 students supervised by 1134 teachers and 733 administrative.

The University is developing a training activity as part of a training offer that includes: 17 basic licenses, 16 professional degrees, 27 master's degrees, 18 master's specialty, 28 university degrees and 05 doctoral centers.

She conducts research in accredited research facilities consist of: 35 research laboratories accredited 145 research teams and 04 clusters.

Following the reform of higher education, secondary and primary school in Morocco, University Hassan II - Casablanca was to develop 05 centers of doctoral studies in Health Sciences, Law, Economics and Management Science Human and Social, in Fundamental and Applied Sciences in Engineering Sciences.

In order to continue the process of self-assessment and quality, the University has established an internal audit department at the university, for the perpetuation of internal devices for certification at the University for research facilities and training.


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For the university, the development of new information technologies and communication are becoming more and more as one of the major phenomena which, henceforth, are fundamentally changing the education sector at all levels. Thus, the very act of training is thinking of new computer tools. In the area of ​​training, three areas are developed:

  • The establishment of computer training and new technologies. This is the case with the development of the sector of computer engineers, the creation of the Diploma in Computer Science and channels Bachelor and Master in Science Faculty;

  • The introduction of e-learning as pedagogical tools with the implementation of a major computer equipment and audio-visual at the University for over three years;

  • The development of online learning with the establishment of academic resource center dedicated to the E-learning. The center, created through the MVC (Moroccan virtual campus) is operational and now provides several courses.

In scientific research, it is clear that computer networks are tools of remarkable work, both for simulations and modeling for access to scientific and technical information. In this regard, our university provides access to its research professors and students to a document database with a background of more than 4600 journals in all disciplines through subscription to the reasearch database "Academic first" of EBSCO. In addition, our university have access to the database "Science Direct."

In addition, the University Hassan II - Casablanca is located in Casablanca, the economic capital of Morocco, the university has signed several partnerships with business and industry to encourage research and innovation.

The University is involved national and international projects financed through different programmes such as the Seventh Framework Programme (FP7) and Tempus.

Vice President (general) : Mr. Abdellatif KOMAT :

Administrator (technical): Mrs Meryem MAGHARBI :