General information about the institution:

The University of Chemical Technology and Metallurgy - Sofia UCTM ( was founded in 1953. This is a state university that has accreditation with one of the highest scores in Bulgaria ( 9,1 out of 10) The University has accreditation from the European Federation of National Associations of Engineers / FEANI /. UCTM operates on the principle of academic autonomy under the Bulgarian Higher Education Act and the internal regulations based on priorities of the European Higher Education Area. The University has approximatelly 4000 students annually (bachelors, Masters and PhD). Bachelor degrees offered are in the field of Chemical Technology and Engineering, Metallurgy, Materials Science, Biotechnology, Environmental Protection, Information Technology and Control Engineering, Industrials Safety and Industrial Management. Additionally more than 40 Master and PhD degree courses are offered in theses areas. Some Bachelor and Master courses are taught in English, French or German .

Special attention is given to the programmes thaught in French and they are manage by the Center for Fren ch Language Education;

UCTM is a member of Compostela Group of Universities ( ) as well as of the European Chemistry Thematic Network Association ( ) and European Biotechnology Thematic Network Association ( )

Number of campuses

UCTM campus is located in the capital of Bulgaria, Sofia ( )

University provides its students with all necessary facilities such as: accommodation, internet access library and sport facilities. Courses of Basic Bulgarian can be organised upon the demand.

Number of faculties

UCTM has 3 faculties ;

Faculty of Chemicla Technology – with 1700 students and 120 academic staff;

Faculty of Chemical and System Engineering – with 1300 students and 100 academic staff;

Faculty of Metallurgy and Materials Science – with 1000 students and 80 academic staff

Training programs

Can be seen in

( )


The current research activity at University of Chemical Technology and Metallurgy is a thorough expression of a Strategy for its development, discussed and approved by the whole academic body of the University, and directed towards the following: 

- Involvement of scientific work in topical demands of the country and for that purpose a direct relation is sought with Bulgarian and foreign companies and organizations within the boundaries of the country.

 - Participation in European Union framework programs /fifth, sixth and seventh/. 

·         - Using all opportunities for cooperation with other universities in the country and abroad through direct agreements.

The scientific journal “Journal of the University of Chemical Technology and Metallurgy”, published at the University, is in process of becoming a part of the list of internationally recognized university publications by obtaining an impact factor /1SI/ from the American Institute for Scientific Information

International rakings positions

According to

World rank - 2832

Continental (Euroepan ) rank - 994

Country ( Bulgarian) rank - 5

Foreign students :

The admission of foreign students is managed by the Department of International Academic Mobility and Education

( ).

The admmission of Erasmus Mundus students ia administrated according to the rules of the programme.

Statistics of foreign students.

The numebr of International students at UCTM varies between 80 and 100 and about half of them are coming with the support of the Euroepna educational programmes.