Université Ibn Tofail جامعة ابن طفيل

Ibn Tofaïl University is one of the fourteen public universities in Morocco established in 1989. Ibn Tofaïl Colleges & Graduate schools: Faculty of Sciences, Faculty of Literature and Humanities Sciences, Faculty of Law, Economics & Social Sciences, National School of Business & Management and National School of Applied Sciences (3 faculties and 2 schools)

Our faculties includes a total 497 full time professors for 33263 students that are enrolled in the undergraduate and graduate courses and offers training primarily structured round the new teaching architecture of higher education, which is itself based on three levels: the Bachelor level (6semesters), the Master level (4 semesters ) and the Doctorate level (6 semesters minimum). The training offered is organized into 3 areas (Science and Technology; Arts, Human Sciences, Humanities and Law, Economics and Management).

To fit the international norms and ease students’ mobility, Ibn Tofaïl offers National accredited undergraduate and graduate courses taught in Arabic, French and English.

Ibn Tofaïl includes 47 research accredited laboratories supervised by our best professors in each field of research. Our fields of research include: environment and health, materials and geo-resources, data-base processing, business administration, management and marketing, foreign languages…

Students in Ibn Tofaïl can enroll; check their courses and exams schedule, their grades, and apply for official documents online through their personal accounts either inside or outside the campus. The database is managed by APOGEE an application software database management for students and professors. http://ent.univ-ibntofail.ac.ma/ent

Students and faculty have also an access to the library website online at http://biblio.uni-ibntofail.ma

For extra-curricular activities, Ibn Tofaïl University has exciting cultural clubs, which are managed by our professors for purposes getting students involved in promoting our culture and participate in many activities that will enhance their analytical skills. We have photo, theatre, music and choir, calligraphy, ethnology, cartoons clubs and many others in different fields of arts. Sport clubs include soccer, basketball, handball, volleyball, rugby, tennis teams that participate often in national competitions.