Université de Perpignan Via Domitia

Located between mountain and sea, in south of France near Spain, Perpignan is an historic city of art around 100 000 inhabitants. The region is a popular touristic destination, characterized by its diversity and by its archaeological and natural historical heritage.
The « Université de Perpignan Via Domitia », is one of the oldest european universities, founded in 1350 by the King Pierre IV of Aragon, and offers a large choice of educational programs thanks to its multidisciplinary approach.
It proposes more than one hundred degree programmes from bachelor’s degree to PhDs. The Research and Education fields are strutured around 4 interdisciplinary areas through its 8 components : Arts, Letters, Languages - Sciences, Technology, Health - Humanities and Social Sciences - Law, Economy, Management. The offer of study programmes is supported by a dynamic and internationally recognized research through the association of our 18 laboratories with social-economic actors, industries, competitiveness clusters and great national research organizations. These laboratories are gathered within 2 doctoral schools in “Energy and Environment” and “Inter-Med” for humanities. 
UPVD has been recognized for its excellence in the fields of renewable energy and archeology, through the award of “Equipment of excellence” and “Laboratory of excellence” labels by the french ministry and the Erasmus Mundus Label for its Master and Doctorate in Letters.
UPVD is known as a university with high international visibility : It receives annually about           9000 students within 27% of foreign students (more than half of them come from the Mediterranean area); has signed more than one hundred cooperation agreements with 36 countries and 214 bilateral Erasmus agreements involving 23 European countries. By its participation in numerous European & multilateral projects (Tempus, INTERREG IV, LLP, FP7, Alfa3, Erasmus Mundus), it has acquired a real know-how in implementation of international cooperations & projects and exchange of good practices.