General information about the institution:

  • Number of campuses: 1

  • Number of faculties: 6

  • Age: 7 years (spreading from Consorzio Nettuno, established in 1992)

  • Location: Corso Vittorio Emanuele II, 39 – 00186 Rome (Italy)

  • Name of the faculties: Economics; Law; Engineering; Literature; Psychology; Communications Science

  • Number of students and teaching staff: approx. 9200/244

Training​ programs

Nam​e of the programs:

  • Economics and business administration

  • Legal Expert in Development and Internationalisation of Enterprises

  • Civil Environmental Engineering

  • Management Engineering

  • Information and Communication Technologies Engineering

  • Operator of Cultural Heritage

  • Psycho-social Disciplines

  • Communications, Media and Advertising

Number of students in each program

  • Economics and business administration: 1942

  • Legal Expert in Development and Internationalisation of Enterprises: 859

  • Civil Environmental Engineering: 578

  • Management Engineering: 593

  • Information and Communication Technologies Engineering: 1125

  • Operator of Cultural Heritage: 367

  • Psycho-social Disciplines: 2260

  • Communications, Media and Advertising: 1511

Scientific production

  • Publication statistics: 174 publications since 2009

  • Research entities or labs: Ad hoc agreements allow UNINETTUNO the use of several universities’ infrastructures, especially those of Roma Tre University and Politecnico di Torino

  • International rakings positions: N/A

Foreign students reception

  • Statistics of foreign students in the institution: Approx. 500 (at present 31 in Italy as apprentices)

  • Students facilities - Online English and Italian courses available on UNINETTUNO platform for students. Possibility to be attended before coming to Rome.