Sustainable Innovation @ Tunisia (SIT)

Sustainable Innovation @ Tunisia (SIT) is a not-for-profit scientific association, founded in 2011, which focuses on spreading creativity and sustainable innovation throughout Tunisia in order to ensure a healthy and sustainable world. It is open to individuals, students, corporations, and local governments. 
The association wants to be the Tunisian community of best sustainable innovative practice by sharing a common purpose in removing barriers for sustainable innovation. The mission is to provide a platform for practitioners and academics in the field of creativity and innovation. Through their organized activities, the association contributes to increase the number and value of intellectual products created and utilized in Tunisia; to develop and promote research and scientific studies and education in innovation and creativity related areas; to bridge Academics, Business, Consultants, and Trainers; to help technology transfer from universities to companies; and to use, disseminate and promote technologies.
Sustainable Innovation @ Tunisia (SIT) will play the role of spreading and transferring knowledge from the research and educative entities to the social actors. Besides helping to promote and spread this mobility project, SIT is going to actively participate in defining student training programs to promote the innovation and to provide a suitable environment for these students to develop their work.