Social-Wire Labs (SWL)

Our enterprise is a spin-off born from the University of Vigo in order to research and develop social network platforms and related methodologies for learning, knowledge management and collaborative work. SocialWare Labs is going to provide a social network structure integrated in the web of this project. The objective is assuring both candidates and host institutions have a suitable communication channel adapted to the new technologies.
A social network structure enables candidates enjoying a grant to expose their experience to other candidates and fellows, as well as for the host institutions to deploy a more adequate forum to monitor the quality of the mobilities (for quality control, complaint management, etc.) Our company has great experience in this field, since we have developed the social network of the University of Vigo, with about 4.000 users, and the social network of the Telecommunication Engineering School (at the same University), with about 1500 users. Recently, we have just opened SocialWire (, a social learning environment in the cloud, that it is absolutely free for non-commercial purposes.