Omar Al-Mukhtar University

General information about the University

Founded in 1961, Omar Al-Mukhtar University is the second largest university in Libya. It is a public institution located mainly in Bayda, the third largest city in Libya. The Omar Al-Mukhtar University is one of the most important and popular libyan universities nationally and internationally.

Number of Campus

The University has four campuses (Bayda, Al Qubah, Darna, and Tobruk) and twenty faculties on all campuses

Faculties :

  1. Faculty of Arts (Bayda)

  2. Faculty of Arts and Human Sciences (Al Qubah)

  3. Faculty of Arts and Human Sciences (Tobruk)

  4. Faculty of Arts and Human Sciences (Derna)

  5. Faculty of Arts (Derna)

  6. Faculty of Economy(Derna)

  7. Faculty of Education (Bayda)

  8. Faculty of Education (Al Qubah)

  9. Faculty of Education (Tobruk)

  10. Faculty of Medical Thecnic (Tobruk)

  11. Faculty of Nursing (Tobruk)

  12. Faculty of Agriculture (Bayda)

  13. Faculty of Pharmaceutical Studies (Bayda)

  14. Faculty of Medicine (Bayda)

  15. Faculty of Veterinary Medicine (Bayda)

  16. Faculty of Science (Bayda)

  17. Faculty of Arts and Architecture (Derna)

  18. Faculty of of Natural Resources and Environmental Sciences (Bayda)

  19. Faculty of Engineering (Bayda)

  20. Faculty of Law (Derna)

Number of students

  • The total number of students in Omar Al-Mukhtar University in the last academic year was about 29 230.

  • The total number of graduated students from Omar Al-Mukhtar University since its foundation is about 43 903