Mobility Offer

We inform you the 3rd and last call under the Erasmus Mundus Green IT project has now been opened.

If you are interested in applying for a mobility grant join the Emundus Green IT social Network and request membership to the "applicants" group: . There you will have access to all information and documents you need to apply.  You will also find a blog where you can share your comments or questions. 

Application deadline: 6th March

Description of Mobilities

  Type of Mobility

Cohort 1
(January 2013)
Cohort 2
(January 2014)
Cohort 3
(January 2015)
Undergraduates 20 31 20 71
Masters 20 20 6 46
Doctorates 22 0 0 22
Post-doctorates 6 8 4 18
Staff 10 12 6 28
Total 78 71 36 185

Available Fields of study

  • Engineering  & Technology: Mechanical, Electrical, Chemical, Civil, Electronic, Telecommunications, Manufacturing, Material Science, Aeronautical, others.
  • Environment: Geography, Ecology, Geology, Soil & Water science, Geodesy, Cartography Remote Sensing, Meteorology, others.
  • Informatics & Mathematics: Mathematics, Statistics, Informatics, Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence, Actuarial Science, others. 
  • Natural Sciences: Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Microbiology, Biotechnology, Nuclear Physics, Biochemistry, Astronomy, Astrophysics, Oceanography, others.
  • Social Sciences:  Political Science Sociology, Economics, Psychology and Behavioral Sciences, Social Work, International Relations, Anthropology, Development Studies, others. 
  • Business Studies: Accountability, Financial Management, Tourism Management,  Personnel Management, Industrial Relations, Marketing & Sales Management, others.