Libyan International Medical University

The Libyan International Medical University – as one of the leading institutions of higher education in Libya – is committed to preparing graduates to have the knowledge and appropriate skills that will enable them to practice professionally in the field of health care. It seeks to produce quality professionals by establishing the principles and foundations of a culture of self-evaluation and continuous improvement.  LIMU implements quality assurance and has partnered with institutions of higher education in Libya. It has also applied the standards of the World Health Organization in accordance with the needs of developing a healthy society.  The mission of the University is to graduate specialists who are highly qualified in different areas of health. These specialists will have the ability to deal with the health needs of the community. They will also adopt strategies for lifelong learning and interaction with health problems at the national, regional and international levels. Our mission is to meet the needs nationally for health research and professional development programs. We have a vital interest in ethics and legal rights of patients and health care to the community.