Hamburg University of Technology – Institute of Business Logistics and General Management

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Hamburg University of Technology (TUHH) ( is a technical university, founded in 1987 in the south of Hamburg, Germany. It currently has a staff consisting of 94 professors, 460 research assistants, and almost 6.000 students at 72 institutes. Tuhh is especially focused on engineering sciences, it offeres several Bachelor and Master of Science study programs in German and English. TUHH is a global player, and every fifth student comes from abroad. Excellence in teaching and research are the university’s prior objectives. In 2011, more than one third of the total budget comes from external funds, especially from research projects conducted with industry.

At the interface of engineering and economics, our the Institute of Business Logistics and General Management ( carries on application-oriented research and teaching in the areas of logistics, supply chain management, business management and the supporting IT-layer. Our goal is to develop scientifically founded and practically realizable concepts through interdisciplinary research cooperations, as well as through intense collaboration and networking with manufacturing enterprises and service providers.

PhD students who would join the researcher group of our institute would participate in monthly German classes and additional trimestral research colloquia where all scientists present their achieved results. Furthermore, all researchers meet frequently to improve their research. Since currently we have 14 PhDs at the institute, we have an intense culture of discussion. Out of those, five ones are from abroad, who will support the guest PhDs with their specific knowledge.

At the Institute of Business Logistics and General Management publications of research result plays an important role. Therefore every PhD is enhanced to be proactive regarding the publishing of his results. Of course, the necessary support is provided. Furthermore, the institute itself carries out two conferences a year – the Hamburg International Conference on Logistics (HICL) ( and the German-Italian Conference on the Interdependencies between New Product Development and Supply Chain Management (GIC PRODESC) ( Those two conferences provide a space for diffusion and discussion of the PhD research results.