GEG Engineeering Structures for Life

GEG is a global integrated design engineering consultancy company, operating globally had its headquarters in Portugal.
In GEG we are determined in developing the best engineering solutions, at an international scale, promoting a culture of excellence and constant innovation, assuring confidence among our clients, partners, collaborators and final consumers, and contributing to increase the quality of life and the environmental and energetic sustainability of the territories in which we intervene.
With a large multidisciplinary and international team, able to match the solid experience with the permanent scientific innovation, and investing in an effective close relationship with its clients, GEG assures responsibilities in management and procurement, being able to carry out and command all stages of a project, developing a dare and sustainable engineering solutions in order to meet the clients’ needs and ambitions.
The creation of a truly multidisciplinary team, the participation in large-scale enterprises and the ongoing internationalization mission culminated in the gradual expansion of GEG’s scope of activity. To the disciplines considered as “classic” such as Geology & Geotechnics, Railways & Roadways, Bridges & Viaducts. Buildings & Stadiums, Risks & Safety, Water & Environment and Ports & Maritime Works, for which the robustness of a wide experience is strongly combined with the enduring research and permanent technological innovation, GEG is adding new areas of intervention, with a high level of proficiency and crossing civil engineering with domains such as management, economics or urban planning.