Future University in Egypt (FUE)

About FUE

Future University in Egypt (FUE) was founded in 2006 as a fully accredited credit-hour private university, devoted to education and community service in the Middle East. It's located at: New Cairo, Al Tagamoa Al Khames, Main Centre of Town, end of 90th Street. It has 1 campus, comprising six faculties.

FUE Vision

To be recognized as a pioneer in academic excellence, where knowledge is both acquired and applied and where creative endeavors supported by modern academic programs and state of the art facilities enrich and expand the scholastic experience of the future leaders of Egypt and beyond.

FUE Mission

The primary mission of FUE is to move forward the frontiers of human knowledge and enrich our society through education and research. Future University is committed to providing its students with the highest quality education by promoting an atmosphere that values intellectual curiosity and pursuit of knowledge while preserving academic freedom and integrity. Future University aims at achieving local and international recognition for superior academic programs, research and service.

Academic Offerings

At Future University in Egypt, it is the administration’s top priority to provide the highest level of academic education and training, always striving to improve, update and expand its programs. More than just an education, the programs are designed to prepare the student for the job market based on today’s trends and opportunities and competition.


  • Faculty of Oral and Dental Medicine.
  • Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Pharmaceutical Industries
  • Faculty of Engineering & Technology
  • Faculty of Computers and Information Technology
  • Faculty of Economics & Political Science
  • Faculty of Commerce & Business Administration


FUE total number of Teaching Staff is 597, its total number of students as per the academic year 2012-2013 is 5122 students distributed as follows:
  • Faculty of Oral & Dental Medicine, 1450 students.
  • Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Pharmaceutical Industries, 1400 students.
  • Faculty of Engineering & Technology, 1119 students.
  • Faculty of Computers and Technology, 112 students.
  • Faculty of Economics & Political Science, 343 students.
  • Faculty of Commerce & Business Administration, 682 students.

Academic & Corporate Partnerships

Due to the high importance of students' exposure to different cultures, experiences and learning techniques; FUE is always encouraging all sorts of international activities, either through visiting professors or students exchange programs, which have a strong impact on the process of preparing and developing students to meet local and international labor market needs. For applying this policy, FUE has strong links with the many international Universities

Training & Graduate Programs

FUE provides its graduates with M.Sc and Ph.D scholarships as well as summer trainings at prestigious International Universities with considerably high global ranking in respect of various fields of study.
FUE's International Affairs Department offers Teaching Assistants scholarships and International summer Internships in order to help them develop their skills, advance and excel in their scope of study and be able to aid in the creation of an improved society.

Research Centers

Future University is eager to adapt to future changes. The real challenge for FUE is to participate in the development of life and to overcome the difficulties that might face the success of this development. The strategy of Future University encourages and fosters a multidisciplinary research system approach to the solution of problems in order to establish a credible capability for the assessment and evaluation of the suggested results, thus providing authoritative advice to the society and industry.
For carrying out this strategy, Future University is working on establishing Research Centers in different disciplines as follows:
  • New and Renewable Energy and Energy Conservation Research Center (FUE_NRERC)
  • Pharmaceutical Research and Development centers.
  • Oral diseases Research Center
  • Political Studies and Human Rights center (PHSC)
  • American Studies Center (ASC)

FUE Library

The main FUE Library provides a wide range of quality resources and facilities to support learning, teaching and research. Professors and Students have full access to diverse and constantly expanding collections, including books, journals, magazines, and electronic resources in the library and also through the web portal of the Egyptian Universities Library founded by the Egyptian Supreme Council of Universities.

FUE Awards

1) FUE financial Award for Academic Excellence

This award carry the name of the late Dr. Hassan Azazy, the educational innovator, pioneer and visionary founder of Future University. As the University rises to excellence in the 21st Century, it should remember the firm dedication of its founder in creating a forum for the unlimited growth of knowledge, the free exchange of ideas and the improvement of the individual and society. The applicant to this award should be a staff member in one of the Egyptian public or Private Universities or Research Institution.

2) FUE Awards for Outstanding Teaching and Research:

Each year, FUE recognizes one full time professor for outstanding teaching. The winner is to be announced at the graduation ceremonies. Nominees be evaluated by a number of restricted pedagogical, social, and scientifical criteria. Each year, FUE recognizes one full time professor for outstanding research and scholarship. The winner is announced at the graduation ceremonies.