Founded in 2004, Cynapsys is a dynamic player in the consulting and engineering computing. Its mission is to support the customers and partners in the development of efficient and innovative solutions primarily for telecommunications, equipment, finance, insurance and industry. The team consists of software designers, project managers, developers, testers and counselors from ICT field. This expertise allows Cynapsys to offer its customers solutions with high added value. Through its subsidiaries in France and Germany, Cynapsys has developed a deep knowledge of the European market. Eventually, Cynapsys launched this year, R&D process in order to reduce the gap between university and enterprise, to enhance the cooperation with research structures in applied research through innovative projects. 
Cynapsys will dispose several innovative applications. As a Tunisian ICT enterprise, Cynapsys plays an important role in the Mobility Program by receiving the students and their supervisors from European and PC universities. Cynapsys will also support evaluation of the project's progress supporting quality assurance for the candidates staying in the North Africa HEIs, acting together with the co-coordinator (US).