Beni-Suef University (BSU)

Beni-Suef University (BSU) is located at Beni Suef city(120 km to the south of Cairo, on the main banks of the beautiful famous River Nile)  within Beni Suef Governorate. Beni Suef city mediates five Beni Suef  provinces where bounded to the north Giza Governorate and the North East Suez Governorate and eastward Red Sea Governorate And West Fayoum And south Menya, (Fayoum. Beni Suef. Minya) of this region of northern Egypt, linking the south and east with west. This unique location  provides its geographical, demographic, cultural and economic character specially the geographical proximity to many of the provinces in Egypt 


General information about  the institution:

In 1975, Faculty of Commerce in Beni Suef City was established as one of the faculties affiliated with Cairo University.

In 1976, a presidential decree was issued considering Beni Suef branch as an independent branch of Cairo University.   

In 2005, a presidential decree No.84 announced the establishment of Beni Suef University. 

Beni Suef University is an institution of higher education located in Beni-Suef city, Egypt.

BSU is currently functioning at 3 campuses :

The main campus is located in the enterance of the city and contains Faculties of Commerce, Law, Arts and Sciences.

It also include the University adminstration buiding,Central library, University press Unit as well as University Open Education Center.

Faculties of Engineering, industerial education and physical education are located in the eastern Nile Beni-Suef.
Faculties of  Medicine, Veterinary Medicine, Nursing, Pharmacy and Education are located in the nearby of the main campus.
In addition, a new Beni-Suef University Capmus (being established) is allocated in an area of 300 acres in the eastern Nile Beni-suef. 

BSU comprises 13 faculties:

 Commerce – Law – Veterinary Medicine – Sciences – Arts – Industrial Education – Pharmacy – Medicine – Nursing – Physical Education -  Engineering - & Informatics &  Computer science.
.Since 1981,  Beni Suef University has graduated 62321 students. 
Number of students :  31554 
Number of teaching staff  members and assistants:  1709 -1800(some on leave)

Training programs

Name of the programs  

Pathways to Higher Education (300/year)
ICTP Computer skills ( 400/year)

Scientific production    

  • Publication statistics                2000/year
  • Research entities or labs   
  • Nano Tecnology lab
  • Microanalytical lab
  • Archeological studies

International rakings positions (NA)

Foreign students reception

Statistics of foreign students in the institution:
     Accounts for 209  students,  mainly undergraduates, Arab countries. 

Students facilities 

Foreign laguages courses

  • English
  • Arabic 
  • Computer & It Facilities