Association Marocaine pour la Protection du Littoral et Développement Durable (AMPLDD)

 AMPLDD main activities can be summarized as follows:

  • Improved knowledge of the coastal environment through the studies and diagnoses

  • Analyze the coastal vulnerability to climate change impacts and quantification of biophysical and socio-economic and proposal of possible accommodations to the potential impacts of climate change

  • Shoreline protection and conservation of its biodiversity and natural heritage, history and culture.

  • Fight against the degradation and pollution of coastal waters

  • The identification of levers on which priority action for a sustainable improvement in the perception of the coast and its sustainable use;

  • The development of a charter of communication to promote the synergy of committed assets and improve the image of the coastline Traves to launch a plea for the coast;

  • The creation of links between researchers but also NGOs, state agencies and users of coastal resources.

  • The identification of the interconnectivity of the fight against coastal degradation

  • The information and public awareness on coastal vulnerability to climate change

  • The development of regional identity and the hinterland of coastal areas

Because of the AMPLDD main activities, this associate provides an enviable context for those students that want to learn how to apply the acquired knowledge in a practical environment for coastal diagnosis and protection activities. AMPLDD will also have a key role in knowledge transfer from these students and their works in the green technologies to the civil society and, more specifically, to companies, entrepreneurs, etc.